MEL – Museu Erótico de Lisboa (Erotic Museum of Lisbon) is a new space in Cais do Sodré filled with desire, motivation and impulse.

At the entrance, visitors discover several pieces by the artist João Cruz Malheiro, the first revelation of a provocative space. These pieces must be broken to reveal an oracle (that can be the epigraph for what the night has in store for you).

Whoever dares to enter behind red velvet curtains, can enjoy a space that, being fun, appeals to all the senses. A space of magic that mixes the sweet, the bitter, the spicy and the nostalgic.

The interior presents a symbiosis between the painted images by the plastic artist Diogo Muñoz, and other elements like the suspended chair by the artist Leonel Moura.
The night at MEL promises, as it will have many surprises… from music, performances and other shows.

On the upper floor, an exclusive room with a privileged view of the night space will be available for small private events.

The gastronomy from chef David Joudar is the perfect twist to sharpen the senses, but with a secret: there are no cutlery here. You can use your fingers, tongue and imagination.

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